Workplace Education Manitoba

Our Vision is that all Manitobans have access to the Essential Skills knowledge and training required to determine and pursue goals related to learning, the workplace, and life. WEM provides funded assessments and training to individuals and workplaces, partnering together to develop beneficial solutions to fit specific needs and goals. Our Essential Skills include reading, writing, document use, oral communication, thinking skills, digital technology, numeracy, working with others, and continuous learning.

Tuesday Tidbits

Infuse your work week with fresh topics to explore.  These 30-minute on-line trainings are designed to inspire your continuous learning and empower you towards achieving your workplace goals.  Visit weminterlake.ca to sign up.

Essential Skills Workshops

Our workshops are created and updated on a regular basis to provide training that develops the Essential Skills used by everyone in work and life; training that enables growth to excel in your work position or better understand the skills you have for meaningful employment.  To enroll, visit weminterlake.ca, sign up for the courses you want to participate in, and we will send you a link to complete your registration.  All workshops an hour or more will require a government registration form in order to fund the programming at no cost to participants.



Physical Address

2-295 Perry Street, Winkler, MB

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