We Value People.

Rooted in the teachings and life of Jesus Christ, our vision is to provide an environment that equips, empowers, and educates individuals and families to live a full and vibrant life.

My biggest struggle was alcoholism, and that started when my mom passed away. I grew up in a foster home. I was the last of 15 kids. I got tired of life.

Waking up losing jobs, friends, and not remembering what I did the night before, body in pain, and I just woke up one morning tired of it and I prayed for help.
I was just in bondage for so so many years. I started drinking at 14. Then I started having this relationship with this guy, but it was a very abusive relationship.

So I didn’t have a home, and I just continued to drink. I landed in jail… and there someone had cut out a scripture that said “Behold, I stand at the door and knock and if anyone hears my voice I will come with him and He with me”
I am a Probation Officer (with an office at Central Station). I got connected at Central Station by hearing about it from my clients.

They would come out to Morden to see me, and they would say that they had gotten a ride from Central Station staff which was fantastic because a lot of our people have a hard time getting to Morden.

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