Support Services

Segue Career Options

Segue Career Options is a supportive employment agency assisting individuals that are experiencing challenges and or barriers in finding employment. Programs are available for youth aged 15-30, individuals aged 18-60,  and for persons with disabilities. There is no cost to participants in the projects, but must meet eligibility criteria. Segue is open Monday to Thursday 8-5, Friday 8-4:30.

Employment Assistance for Persons with Disabilities (EAPD):

Participant eligibility:• Resident of Manitoba with a mental, psychiatric, learning or physical disability• Must be16 years of age or older• Must provide proof of a qualifying disability diagnosed or assessed by an appropriate professional.This program offers a wide range of employment-focused services, including personalized Vocational Assessments, to assist adults with disabilities in preparing for, obtaining, and maintaining employment.

Job Education and Mentoring Project (JUMP):

Participant eligibility:• Unemployed or under-employed (≤20hrs./wk.) Manitoban with a valid SIN• Must be between the ages of 18-60• Must be ready for part-time/full-time employment• May be receiving Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) or Employment Insurance (EI)This program offers 4 weeks of in class or on-line instruction featuring résumé and cover letter development, interview prep and practice, communication skills, and more. Followed by 8 weeks of work experience that staff assist participants in obtaining.

Opportunities for Employment Skills Development (OPPs):

Participant eligibility:• Must have self-declared or formal diagnosis• Must be between the ages of 15-60• Cannot be EI eligibleThis program offers one-on-one employability enhancement for individuals experiencing barriers to employment, e.g. mental or physical health issues, mobility, intellectual, or learning disabilities.

Wellness U30:Participant eligibility:•

Must be between the ages of 15-30• Manitoba resident with a valid SINThis program offers employability and life skills training and development for youth facing a variety of challenges, such as job uncertainty, rising cost of living, and increasing anxiety. Options include coaching in employment readiness, confidence-building, adulting, and mental well-being. From a classroom-setting, one-on-one meetings, or a chat over a simple cup of coffee, Wellness U30 helps youth navigate new opportunities.



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