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Pembina Valley Baptist Church

We are an independent Baptist church seeking to glorify God in every aspect of our life and ministry. Everything that we believe and the principles that we live by are founded in the Bible. You will find a ministry that seeks to uplift Christ and please Him in every area of ministry. Our desire is that God would use the Pembina Valley Baptist Church to help you draw close to the Saviour and give you the tools necessary to grow in grace.

Church Services

Sundays at 11:00 AM & 6:00 PMWednesdays at 7:00 PMEveryone welcome to attendNursery is providedSunday schoolSundays at 10:00 AMEveryone is welcome to attendNursery is provided

Master Club Program

Wednesdays at 7:00 PMChildren 2-12 years old are welcomeThere is no cost to attend

Youth Program

Fridays at 7:00 PMYoung people 12-18 years old are welcomeThere is no cost to attend

Canadian Baptist Bible College

Registration of those 16 years of age and older must be completed and accepted to attend.Classes are held Tuesday, Thursday, Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.There is a cost for each class which is totalled upon registration.

CanAmera Baptist Missions International

CanAmera Baptist Missions International is a ministry of the Pembina Valley Baptist Church, and is a Bible-based, unashamedly Baptist mission––making a difference in local church missions with a sound, proven approach. We are a full-service, no fee, faith-based ministry, and will accept missionary candidates from independent Baptist churches of like-faith, doctrine and practice. CanAmera Baptist Missions International is a local church ministry, established to help other local churches in getting their God-called missionaries to the place God has called them. If we can partner with you in this endeavor for Christ, please contact us at



Physical Address

120 Manitoba Road

Mailing Address

Box 415, Winkler, Manitoba R6W 4A6