Addiction Services


Adult & Teen Challenge of Pembina Valley

The vision of having a "Community Office" is to provide a range of services and support to those in need, The Community Ofice approach has proven to be a beneficial first point of contact for anyone dealing with addiction. These offices provide meeting spaces for our Clinical and Pastoral Counselling along with Family and Outreach small support groups programs. As each office develops the support and relationships that have formed to creat a new foundation of success for graduates returning to the community. Ultimately the Community Office facilitates action in the fight against addiction by supporting and referring people to real life-changing help - a strategy that ultimately serves the whole community as it initiates and helps provide long-term lasting change. At Adult & Teen Challenge we believe that by working with and bringing communities together, we can effectively "Put Hope Within Reach" in the lives of those affected by the wide variety of life-controlling issues. This location functions as the Pembina Valley Community Ministry Office and features a thrift store. Plans have been developed to create an operational regional headquarters which will encompass a community office, residential home and sanctuary.

Concerned Person Support Group

ATCCC offers support for family members, loved ones, relatives and friends of a person who is struggling with a life-controlling problem.Please email to register or if you require more information.There is no cost for this program! Typically, this group runs on Tuesday evening's at 7 p.m.

Lifeline (Men's & Womens)

ATCCC offers weekly support for Men & Women who persons who have struggled, or continue to struggle with life-controlling problems. Please email if you have further inquiries.There is no cost to this program!Typically, this group runs on Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m.NOTE: Men's & Women's Groups are held at different locations.

1 year long Discipleship program (Men's & Women's)

Men's & Women's homes are currently located in Brandon, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg. Our programming assist people with life-controlling problems obtain Freedom through our therapeutic and rehabilitative approach centred on a relationship with Jesus Christ. Please contact if you have any further inquiries.Visit if you wish to view our application process.Call for help today! We want to meet with you.

Mentorship & Life-Coach

ATCCC offers mentorship and coaching to those who need encouragement and structure in order to overcome and maintain a life free from life-controlling problems!Please contact if you have any further inquiries.

School Outreach Teams

ATCCC has a trained outreach team who provides presentations based upon prevention, aimed at educating teenagers/youth on the dangers of experimenting with illicit substances.



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